Leancoin Update – March 2024

Leancoin Update - March 2024

Leancoin is proud to be a partner at the inaugural international Lean TWI Summit, happening in Wrocław, Poland, on June 19-20. As part of our participation, we’re thrilled to offer a unique, interactive experience at our exhibition booth, where attendees can engage directly with the LEAN token. Here, participants will have the opportunity to conduct Lean token transfers as a practical trial and get assistance in setting up their Phantom wallets, fostering firsthand understanding and enthusiasm for our project.

Link to Registration:

Polish: https://leantrix.com/pl/konferencja-lean-twi/

English: https://leantrix.com/en/lean-twi-conference/

In addition to conference activities, Leancoin is excited about our collaboration with Sallar, a project that leverages the decentralized computing power of smartphones. This partnership aims to broaden our reach within the cryptocurrency community and enhance the utility and appeal of Leancoin. Sallar’s innovative approach to cloud computing and blockchain technology exemplifies the type of synergies we pursue to enrich our ecosystem and offer tangible benefits to our users.

As we continue to build the Lean Community platform, which now boasts nearly 400 original publications, we’re witnessing a consistent increase in site traffic. This growth underscores the rising interest in our brand and the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies in the industrial sector. The partnership with Sallar, known for its commitment to utilizing smartphone computing power for cloud computing and rewards, aligns perfectly with our mission to promote cryptocurrency utility and adoption. Together, we’re setting the stage for a future where Leancoin and Sallar drive innovation and value in the digital economy.

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