Open free Web 3.0 Store with Leancoin

Features of web 3.0 store

Payments in cryptocurrencies

Your clients will be able to make payments using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Leancoin, Ethereum, Solana, Bonk, USDT, and USDC, as well as with traditional currency such as USD, EUR

Logging with decentralized wallet

Your clients will have the option to log in to the system using their email address, as well as by using decentralized wallets which will provide them a full anonymity

Discounts in selected cryptocurrencies

Your clients will have access to selected products with a discount when using a specific cryptocurrency, giving you the opportunity to promote products in various ecosystems

Integration of AI solutions

In your store, AI solutions will be implemented that will streamline your activities related to content creation, products preparation and customer contact within chat

3D, VR and AR to present products

You will be able to use modern solutions such as 3D view, VR, or AR to showcase your products what should have impact to have Your offer more attractive

Utilize NFT tokens technology

You will be able to use NFT technology to offer discounts for specific products to your customers and provide access to selected content and offers for NFT holders

Stores Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

Web 2.0
Web 3.0
Payments in many currencies like USD, EUR by using Pay Pal, Stripe etc.
User-generated content, product reviews, ratings, and comments
Social media integration
Responsive design consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones
Collaboration with each other and the store
Rich media content like images, videos, and interactive content to enhance the user experience and showcase products more effectively
Advanced search and filtering making it easier for customers to find the products they're looking for based on specific criteria.
Real-time customer support like live chat or chatbots
Cloud-based infrastructure
API integrations with third-party services and platforms, streamlining processes such as payment processing, shipping, and inventory management
API integrations with third-party services and platforms, streamlining processes such as payment processing, shipping, and inventory management
Blockchain integration for secure, transparent, and decentralized transactions with using cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Leancoin, Ethereum, Solana, Bonk, USDT, USDC etc.)
NFTs tokens that can be used for access to specific products or content on the store as well as to give the discount for products and services offered in the Web 3.0 store
Decentralized identity allowing them to control their data and privacy while interacting with Web 3.0 store - login with wallet (without e-mail)
Utilizing smart contracts to automate processes, such as payment processing, order fulfillment, and dispute resolution, improving efficiency and reducing the need for intermediaries
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to offer advanced personalization, content preparation and product description
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create immersive, interactive shopping experiences, allowing customers to visualize products in 3D or see how they would look in their environment
Interoperability that supports connecting with other platforms, services, and digital assets, promoting collaboration and data exchange across the ecosystem
Self-service and AI-powered chatbot that conducts conversations on behalf of your store
User-centric approach prioritizing user empowerment and ownership, with users having more control over their data, assets, and interactions within the ecosystem
Community governance allowing users to participate in decision-making processes and shape the development of the ecosystem
Why is it worth moving your business to blockchain?

Cryptocurrency adoption has been growing dynamically for many years.

How it works?

1. Survey

Fill out the survey on our website, describing what you do, what your idea for a store is, and what kind of support you expect from us

2. Terms

We present to you the terms of cooperation, outline the scope of support, provide information on the launch, and discuss the actions

3. Store & NFT

We will prepare the structure of your web 3.0 store completely free of charge, creating your new logo and preparing Your own NFT

4. Offer

You publish your products or services available in traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, including Leancoin

5. Settlement

We create a user-friendly settlement method that will be convenient for you, you can decide method of remuneration

6. Salary

Funds from sales in all currencies are transferred to our company in Estonia, and you charge us by leaving us a low fee

7. UBB Model

A portion of the fees we receive for supporting your store will be used for promoting our partner stores and for buybacks

8. Promotion

Your products and services are promoted for free on Leancoin’s Social Media, Lean Community, Lean Global Consulting and other stores

8 Types of Web 3.0 Stores that You can Power with Leancoin

Leancoin Web 3.0 Demo Stores

We have nearly 100 ready-made templates for online Web 3.0 stores. Discover how your Web 3.0 store can look by exploring one of our 3 demo stores. Your shop will be unique, featuring your own logo and visual identity. However, it will always be powered by Leancoin.

Demo Web 1.0 store
Demo Web 2.0 store
Demo Web 3.0 store
Demo Web 4.0 store

Supported stores

Get a unique NFT collection for your Web 3.0 store

Strengthening Community Engagement and Unlocking Exciting Opportunities for Your Business with Your own NFT Collection! Completely for free.

Leancoin Ecosystem Cross Marketing

Boost your Web 3.0 SEO with cross marketing in the Leancoin Ecosystem. Your website link will be shared across all partner pages within the Leancoin Ecosystem, strengthening your site’s position in Google search results.

Benefits of collaboration

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    Project information

    1. Name of your project?

    2. Does the project already exist? If so, please provide the URL. If not, N/A.

    3. What type of store do You want to power with Leancoin?

    4. Do you have a logo prepared? If yes, do you want it refreshed?

    5. Do you have a domain available? If yes, on which server?

    6. Are you open to granting server access to our developers to install the platform and manage?
    If You don`t have a server, no problem – we can install Your domain on our.

    Platform Development

    1. What services and products would you like to offer through your store (list minimum of 10)?

    2. Do you agree to accept payments in FIAT, cryptocurrencies, as well as Leancoin in your store?

    3. Do you agree to have our team list your products and services on the Lean Marketplace, where payments are in LEAN?

    4. Do you plan to maintain a blog and regularly publish articles?
    (We recommend this as it increases site attractiveness and improves SEO)

    5. What information would you like to feature on the homepage of your platform?
    (e.g. latest products in the store, latest articles, project information)

    6. Are you interested in expanding your platform with paid solutions like a forum, Marketplace, etc., in the future?

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