Leancoin and Promo Core Marketing – Strategic Partnership

Leancoin and Promo Core Marketing

Leancoin is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Promo Core Marketing. This collaboration will see Promo Core integrating within the Leancoin Ecosystem, leveraging the robust infrastructure of Leancoin Ltd. While Promo Core Marketing is powered by Leancoin, it boasts an independent team of top-tier marketing specialists dedicated to elevating your marketing strategies.

Visit Promo Core Marketing: https://promocore.marketing/

Pay with Leancoin (LEAN) on Promo Core Marketing and Save More!

As part of this collaboration, Leancoin (LEAN) is now an accepted payment method on Promo Core Marketing. Utilize LEAN to pay for all marketing services offered by Promo Core and enjoy an exclusive 20% discount!

Discover the diverse services offered at Promo Core and make the most of your LEAN in marketing endeavors.

Promo Core’s Expert Services

Promo Core offers a lot of services for cryptocurrency projects. All services are available in FIAT (USD, EUR) as well as in Solana, Bonk, and LEAN with a 20% discount. At Promo Core Marketing, the mission is to empower cryptocurrency projects and startups, enabling them to capture the immense possibilities of the digital world. Through tailor-made marketing strategies and comprehensive support services, we help our clients navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace, driving brand visibility, investor interest, and sustainable growth. Our services:

  1. Audit: In-depth analysis of your social media and website content, focusing on SEO and current trends, with actionable insights.
  2. Optimization: Strategic improvement of your marketing approach and content, accompanied by a detailed future improvement report.
  3. Creative Services: Expert creation of compelling documentation, presentations, and video content to elevate your brand.
  4. Networking: Connection building with key businesses and service providers to set you apart from the competition.
  5. Full Package: Comprehensive service including audits, content optimization, and creative support, with daily assistance over a month.
  6. Promo Core Lead: A month-long dedicated service to manage your social media and craft unique marketing campaigns based on your offerings.

In addition to these benefits, our partnership with Promo Core will help promote both the Leancoin Ecosystem and our partner, Sallar’s ecosystem. Step into the Future with Leancoin and Promo Core Marketing!

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