Best Crypto Exchanges for 2024

Best Crypto Exchanges
Let us present the best crypto exchanges for 2024. Cryptocurrencies are traded predominantly on specialized platforms known as crypto exchanges. While there are over 600 such platforms globally, it’s interesting to note that the bulk of daily trading activities is concentrated within the top 25 exchanges. For enthusiasts looking to dive into the dynamic world of crypto trading, here is a curated list of the premier exchanges to consider. In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, choosing the right exchange can be a herculean task considering the myriad of options available. Several criteria determine the effectiveness and reliability of the best crypto exchanges. Among these criteria, trading volume, average liquidity, and monthly visitors are pivotal.

Trading Volume

The trading volume is a crucial metric because it represents the total activity on an exchange, giving insights into its popularity and users’ trust level. A higher trading volume indicates more traders are using the exchange, implying higher liquidity and ease of trading without significantly impacting the price of a cryptocurrency.

Accessibility and Fluidity

One of the quintessential aspects that stem from a high trading volume is the increased accessibility and fluidity in the market. Traders are attracted to exchanges where assets are easily accessible, and transactions can be executed promptly. An exchange with a substantial trading volume can often handle large transactions without substantial shifts in the asset’s price.

Indication of Trends

Trading volumes also play an instrumental role in indicating the prevailing market trends. For instance, a sudden spike in trading volume could signify an upcoming significant movement in the cryptocurrency’s price, which can be an essential indicator for traders making investment decisions.

Enhancing Market Stability

An exchange boasting a higher trading volume is often considered more stable. It diminishes the risk of market manipulation, as the sheer volume of trades makes it exponentially difficult for individual entities to manipulate the prices to their advantage.

Attracting Institutional Investors

A higher trading volume is often a green signal for institutional investors. It is an indication of an exchange’s credibility and capacity to handle large transactions, which is a prerequisite for institutional investors who often deal in large volumes of trades. Furthermore, an intimate relationship exists between trading volume and liquidity. A high trading volume ensures that the market remains liquid, meaning traders can enter and exit positions with ease, without drastically affecting the asset’s price. This liquidity is paramount for the efficient functioning of the market, minimizing slippage, and ensuring that traders can execute orders at their desired prices.

Average Liquidity

Liquidity refers to the ease with which assets can be converted into cash or equivalent without affecting their price. In crypto terms, it indicates how easily a cryptocurrency can be bought or sold on an exchange. Higher liquidity denotes more stability and less slippage, leading to enhanced trading experiences.

Volume and Order Book Depth

Liquidity is closely associated with the volume of trades and the depth of the order book. An exchange with a high trading volume typically has a more profound order book, meaning that there are ample buy and sell orders at various price levels. This diversity and abundance of orders ensure that trades can be executed without significant fluctuations in asset prices.

Market Participants

The number and diversity of market participants also significantly influence liquidity. A higher number of participants means a more vibrant and dynamic market, with a continual influx of buy and sell orders. This constant activity ensures that assets can be easily traded, enhancing liquidity.

Asset Variety

The variety of assets available on an exchange is another critical factor. Exchanges that list a wide array of cryptocurrencies tend to attract a broader audience, leading to increased trading activity and, consequently, higher liquidity.

Monthly Visitors

The number of monthly visitors to an exchange’s website is a direct reflection of its popularity, usability, and trustworthiness. More visitors mean that the exchange is user-friendly, has essential features for trading, and can be trusted for securing and handling digital assets.

User Engagement

High monthly visitors indicate a dynamic and engaging platform where users frequently return to trade, indicating satisfaction and trust. Each visit represents a user’s choice to engage with that particular platform over others, underscoring its appeal and functionality.

Interface and User Experience

The user interface and experience are often mirrored in the number of monthly visitors. An intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and responsive interface is likely to attract and retain a higher number of users. This aspect is integral as traders seek platforms that simplify the otherwise complex world of cryptocurrency trading.

Best Crypto Exchanges for 2024

Now, let’s delve into the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, highlighting their distinctive features, strengths, and potential areas for improvement. The best crypto exchanges will be analyzed according to its rank, showcasing the reasons behind its positioning.

Best crypto exchanges - ranking
Best crypto exchanges – ranking by Leancoin

1. Binance

Score: 893 | Trading Volume (24h): $5,290,614,504 | Avg. Liquidity: 9,096,241 | Weekly Visits: 1579K | Markets: 386 | Coins: 386

Binance stands tall as the behemoth of cryptocurrency exchanges. Boasting the highest 24-hour trading volume, it epitomizes liquidity and activity. Traders and investors flock to Binance for its intuitive interface, a plethora of coin options, and diverse market offerings.


  • Vast array of coins and tokens offering a diversified portfolio.
  • Exceptional liquidity ensures smooth trading experiences.
  • Robust security protocols ensuring utmost safety for traders’ assets.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • The complex interface might be intimidating for new traders.
  • Regulatory challenges in various countries.

2. Coinbase Exchange

Score: 808 | Trading Volume (24h): $704,860,815 | Avg. Liquidity: 49,683 | Weekly Visits: 477K | Markets: 244 | Coins: 244

Coinbase is synonymous with simplicity and elegance. With a user-friendly interface, it’s the go-to exchange for novices venturing into the crypto world. While it may not match Binance’s volume, it compensates with its seamless usability and robust security features.


  • Ideal for beginners with an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Strong security infrastructure.
  • Regulatory compliance ensuring users’ trust.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • Limited coin options compared to other top exchanges.
  • Higher fees can be a concern for active traders.

3. Kraken

Score: 763 | Trading Volume (24h): $465,112,752 | Avg. Liquidity: 935,168 | Weekly Visits: 767K | Markets: 240 | Coins: 240

Kraken amalgamates tradition with innovation. Known for its security features and compliance with regulatory requirements, it offers a balanced portfolio of coins and a resilient trading platform.


  • Balances simplicity with advanced features for professional traders.
  • Known for security and regulatory adherence.
  • Competitive fees structure.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • The user interface can be enhanced for better user experience.
  • Customer service responsiveness can be improved.

4. Bybit

Score: 666 | Trading Volume (24h): $971,944,913 | Avg. Liquidity: 2,871,254 | Weekly Visits: 665K | Markets: 445 | Coins: 445

Bybit is making waves in the derivatives market. Known for its futures and options trading, it offers advanced tools and features for professional traders.


  • Rich set of tools and features for derivatives trading.
  • High liquidity for smooth trading.
  • Robust security protocols.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • Not suitable for beginners due to its complex features.
  • Regulatory clarity is needed in several jurisdictions.

5. KuCoin

Score: 640 | Trading Volume (24h): $198,082,034 | Avg. Liquidity: 1,115,369 | Weekly Visits: 1307K | Markets: 723 | Coins: 723

KuCoin is a diversified and innovative exchange. It offers a multitude of coins, tokens, and markets, making it a haven for diversified portfolio enthusiasts.


  • Extensive range of coins and tokens.
  • User-friendly interface complemented by advanced trading features.
  • Competitive fee structure.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • Enhanced security protocols can further instill users’ confidence.
  • Customer service can be bolstered for quicker resolution.

6. OKX

Score: 633 | Trading Volume (24h): $617,899,454 | Avg. Liquidity: 5,065,257 | Weekly Visits: 679K | Markets: 325 | Coins: 325

OKX, a name that has been around, carving a niche for its comprehensive offerings in the crypto trading world. With a remarkable liquidity and a substantial number of coins, it offers something for every trader.


  • A diverse portfolio of coins ensuring choices for both new and veteran traders.
  • Advanced trading tools catering to professional traders.
  • Competitive fees and robust security infrastructure.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • User interface can be more intuitive for enhanced user experience.
  • Enhanced customer support responsiveness.

7. Bitstamp

Score: 590 | Trading Volume (24h): $105,995,237 | Avg. Liquidity: 190,238 | Weekly Visits: 171K | Markets: 78 | Coins: 78

Bitstamp has long been a reliable platform for cryptocurrency trading. Although not boasting the high volumes of its contemporaries, it makes up for this with stability, security, and reliability.


  • Known for stability and reliability in the volatile crypto market.
  • User-friendly for both novices and professionals.
  • Strong adherence to regulatory standards.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • Expansion of coin offerings could attract a wider audience.
  • The enhancement of advanced trading tools and features.

8. Bitfinex

Score: 569 | Trading Volume (24h): $100,036,943 | Avg. Liquidity: 131,032 | Weekly Visits: 405K | Markets: 181 | Coins: 181

Bitfinex is recognized for offering a variety of cryptocurrencies and has a reputation for facilitating a sophisticated trading experience, especially for professional traders.


  • A rich set of features for detailed and complex trading strategies.
  • High security and privacy standards to protect users’ assets and data.
  • A reputable name in the crypto trading community.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • Can be complex for beginners; enhancing user-friendliness is crucial.
  • Customer service responsiveness could be faster.


Score: 550 | Trading Volume (24h): $490,224,918 | Avg. Liquidity: 2,858,515 | Weekly Visits: 3035K | Markets: 1771 | Coins: 1771 stands out with an extensive array of coins and markets. Its user base is diverse thanks to the vast offerings and functionalities that cater to a wide range of traders.


  • One of the most diversified offerings of coins and tokens.
  • User-friendly yet equipped with professional tools.
  • Boasts high liquidity, ensuring smooth trading.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • Further improvement in security protocols to instill confidence.
  • There’s room to make the user interface even more intuitive.

10. HTX

Score: 445 | Trading Volume (24h): $701,043,381 | Avg. Liquidity: 1,772,893 | Weekly Visits: 768K | Markets: 604 | Coins: 604

HTX might not be at the top of the list, but it certainly is a powerhouse. With a respectable trading volume and a multitude of offerings, it’s a platform that combines tradition with innovation.


  • A balanced mix of traditional and innovative crypto offerings.
  • Enhanced security measures ensuring users’ peace of mind.
  • The user interface is sleek and accommodates both new and expert traders.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

  • Increasing the number of coins and tokens offered.
  • The customer support mechanism can be refined for real-time assistance.

Conclusion – Best Crypto Exchanges

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange is a crucial step for both novice and expert traders. The parameters of trading volume, average liquidity, and monthly visitors remain cardinal in evaluating the robustness and reliability of these platforms. From the behemoth Binance to the innovative HTX, each platform offers unique features, security protocols, and trading experiences. The comprehensive review above aims to provide insights and clarity, aiding traders in making an informed decision aligned with their trading needs, security expectations, and portfolio diversification goals.

Remember, while these metrics and insights are vital, individual preferences and trading goals should be the ultimate guiding factors in selecting the most suitable crypto exchange. Always ensure to consider the legal and regulatory standing of each exchange in your respective jurisdiction to navigate the crypto waters safely and efficiently.

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