10% Reward with Leancoin – Promotion

10% Reward with Leancoin

Attention Leancoin enthusiasts – 10% reward with Leancoin! We’re excited to remind you of our ongoing 10% promotion for those who have swapped Lean Management Token for Leancoin through the Leancoin Marketplace. This incredible offer is available to everyone who has made or will make such a swap by the end of December 2023, and holds over 1,500,000 Leancoin in their Solana wallet. This offer is available only for those who have ever held a Lean Management Token.

What You need to know about promotion

  • Eligibility: Anyone who has completed the swap process, with Leancoin transferred from the Swap Wallet, can gain an additional 10% reward.
  • Requirement: You must hold at least 1,500,000 Leancoin in your blockchain address by December 31, 2023.
  • Distribution: These funds will be distributed in the first week of 2024.
  • Key Conditions:
    • The blockchain address where you hold 1,500,000 Leancoin on December 31, 2023, is crucial.
    • The blockchain address must be the one to which the Leancoin transfer was made as part of the swap process. Even a swap of a single token through the Leancoin Marketplace qualifies – promotion only for Lean Management Token holders.
    • There must be no outgoing transactions from the indicated blockchain address for Leancoin.

Additional Note – 10% Reward with Leancoin

This 10% reward promotion is in conjunction with our 50% Reward campaign for those who swapped tokens and withdrew from Leancoin Marketplace by June 15, 2023. For the 10% reward promotion, the date of the Lean Management Token swap for Leancoin is not critical; the essential factor is the act of swapping through the Leancoin Marketplace.

For more information about the 50% reward campaign, visit: Leancoin 50% Reward Campaign

You can also find details in our White Paper: Leancoin White Paper

We encourage you to participate in the 10% reward campaign, as it is still possible until the end of December 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your Leancoin holdings!

Where to buy Leancoin?

You can buy Leancoin to take part in a 10% bonus on:

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